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25,132 people participated in our report of the true state of school lunch. The report will be out soon!

Truly "Jurassic" Nuggets from CA

Westridge School for Girls, CA
Raviii-oli from GA

Archer High School, GA

There are lots of ways to make change in your cafeteria. Download the advocacy kit to find out more.

A Grape (Great) Lunch! from IL

Adlai E Stevenson High School, IL
pizza from MA

Augustine F. Maloney Elementary School, MA

Is your salad a measly pile of lettuce? Ask your cafeteria server to pile up the veggies!

Healthy Lunch from CT

Trumbull High School, CT
Nachos from PA

Quakertown Community Senior High School, PA

Is there variety with fruits and vegetables? As long as you get 2-5 cups, you can ask your school to change up the types of produce they serve!

Nachos from OR

McKay High School, OR
Fish Stick Taco? from NJ

Biotechnology High School, NJ

Ask your lunch lady if foods that are fried can be baked next time

chicken nugget plate from NC

Chatham Central High School, NC
Our lunch beats school lunch! from MO

North Andrew High School, MO

Juices high in sugar make you tired - ask your school to provide water or milk instead to help keep your energy up

Baked Potato with Cheese from NC

Metrolina Christian Academy, NC
We need more vegetarian options! from FL

West Orange High School, FL

Grab some green stickers and stick ‘em on the fresh foods in your cafeteria line

Gragas from NY

Chicken burger from NV

Southeast Career Technical Academy, NV

64% of schools prepare only a quarter of their entrees from scratch - that means prepackaged stuff is the majority of what students eat. Ask your cafeteria worker what on your tray was made from scratch.

Yummy fish sandwich  from FL

American Senior High School, FL
Hamburger and Fries from MD

Howard High School, MD

Many farmers markets will provide reduced rates for schools. Ask your nutrition manager if they’ve spoken to farms in your community.